Testimonials from h.e.h. and Urban rider cargo bikes customers

Real life testimonials from H.E.H. and Urban Rider Cargo Bikes customers

Bakfiets.nl cargo bike long conversion


This is John's new Bakfiets.nl Cargo Bike Long  outfitted with a Bafang 500 watt Mid-Drive motor w/ 720 watt hour battery. 

John *****

Bakfiets.nl cargo bike conversion by H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids LLC, Ypsilanti MI  (734) 238-2269

 HEH recently upgraded my box bike with electric assist. Jim and his staff were extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of deciding what to do. It was obvious that they are extremely knowledgeable and were concerned that I get the conversion that would meet my stated requirements. The work was done on a timely basis and their charges were very competitive. I am very, very pleased with HEH. 

Urban Arrow Shorty at Urban Rider Cargo Bikes, Ann Arbor, MI
Urban Arrow Cargo at Urban Rider Cargo Bikes, Ann Arbor, MI