YUBA Price match guarantee and FREE accessories!

Instant 10% of YUBA bike price ($1499 and above) in FREE YUBA accessories! And 10% off all future Yu

Get 10% of your total purchase (before tax) in free YUBA accessories on bikes priced $1499 and above. For instance, the Spicy Curry lists for $4499.00... We will instantly give you a $449.00 credit toward YUBA add-ons or other accessories.  Better yet, all future YUBA accessories will be 10% off for our YUBA bike customers!



 *Free local delivery available for all bikes / trikes with total purchase over $1500.00 

Test Rides

 Schedule a FREE, no obligation test ride. Bring your kids, pets and cargo! 

YUBA bikes are typically in stock and available for immediate purchase and test rides. Test rides need to be scheduled, so please call ahead or book a test ride to assure availability.